Consultancy Advisory


  • We provide turnkey market, asset, industry and project specific research services. Our research team draws on the deep connections we have with the worldwide network and seeks to give clear, direct and visionary data and conclusions for our clients.
  • Evaluation of Marine assets and providing certificates (valuation certificate)
  • Bank consultancy; We offer a range of completely independent financing support services. From negotiating senior debt and acquisition finance.
  • The valuation of assets, whether for insurance purposes, acquisition price ranging, on going market assessment or for asset sale is an integral part of our business. We provide valuations for banks, insurers, shipping and offshore companies, investors and others.
  • Attendance/ Guidance for modification on offshore vessels to meet charterer and statutory requirement
  • With strong links to global shipyards we remain in touch with evolving yard capabilities, new building and novation opportunities.
  • We monitor markets very closely and regularly propose concepts for long term business opportunities to our clients
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