Ship Management


  • We can offer a complete technical, commercial and operational management service for marine assets.
  • Maximizing investor returns whilst keeping operating risks to a minimum is a prerequisite for many of our investor clients.
  • To respond to this we can offer a comprehensive management service, often designed with asset investors as stakeholders and providing class leading vessel commercial, technical and operational management.
  • Whichever management structure is used, we ensures the highest quality of operations, technical management, crew quality and risk mitigated commercial management.
  • Dry dock management and supervision.
  • To arrange / advise suitable insurance policies to cover all the operation and contractual risks.


  • Pilotage and mooring operation
  • Providing tugs for harbour operation
  • Manning for Harbour / port operation
  • Jetty management and jetty construction supervision
  • Oil Spill Contingency Planning
  • LSA/FFA Plan for Port/Jetty
  • Stevedore Operations
  • Port Communication and Control


  • On hire / Off hire/ Pre purchase/ Condition surveys and inspection.
  • Third party independent navigational audit.
  • Incident/ Accident investigation and provide feedback to avoid such events in future.
  • Risk analysis audit.
  • Value assessment for ships, barges. Offshore vessels etc.
  • Vetting of budget, Pre-dry dock preparation and dry dock supervision to ensure complete compliance.
  • Modification project feasibility and complete execution.
  • Yard Supervision.


  • Our S&P team monitor opportunities on a daily basis across the world.
  • Strongly networked with the international ship broking communities and frequently work with one or more brokers on asset S&P transactions.
  • Comprehensive chartering support service focused on delivering long term charter opportunities.
  • With direct relationships with the largest charterers and the most specialized opportunities we are consistently able to negotiate high value term contracts around the world. We are often able to give expert advice to our clients on strategic asset enhancements for vessels and rigs to ensure success in long term opportunities.
  • With our long experience in operating in diverse regions and with traditionally complicated charterers we are often able to structure deals with attractive techno-commercial parameters.


  • FMEA and Proving Trials for DP system.
  • Turnkey market, asset, industry and project specific research services.
  • Evaluation of Marine assets and providing certificates (valuation certificate).
  • Bank consultancy; We offer a range of completely independent financing support services. From negotiating senior debt and acquisition finance.
  • The valuation of assets, whether for insurance purposes, acquisition price ranging, on going market assessment or for asset sale is an integral part of our business.
  • Attendance/ Guidance for modification on offshore vessels to meet charterer and statutory requirement.
  • With strong links to global shipyards we remain in touch with evolving yard capabilities, new building and novation opportunities.
  • Close markets monitoring and regular proposal of concepts for long term business opportunities to our clients.
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