Ship Management


  • Comprehensive management service, often designed with asset investors as stakeholders and providing class leading vessel commercial, technical and operational management.
  • Aim on maximizing investor returns whilst keeping operating risks to a minimum.
  • Crew Management service with planning, screening, accounting, appraisal and training services.
  • Highest quality of operations, technical management, crew quality and risk mitigated commercial management.
  • Dry dock management and supervision.
  • Vessel Insurance Management


  • Port Operation, Pilotage and mooring operation
  • Providing tugs for harbour operation
  • Jetty management and jetty construction supervision
  • Oil Spill Contingency Planning
  • LSA/FFA Plan for Port/Jetty
  • Port Communication and Control


  • Surveys/ Inspection on behalf of banks, financial institutions, investors and ship owners.
  • On hire / Off hire/ Pre purchase/ Condition surveys and inspection with value assessment.
  • Risk Analysis Audit , Incident/ Accident investigation and provide feedback to avoid such events in future.
  • Vetting of budget, Pre-dry dock preparation and dry dock supervision to ensure complete compliance.
  • Yard Supervision.


  • Strong network with Ship owner and the international ship broking communities to ensure maximum value return for our clients.
  • Comprehensive chartering support service focused on delivering long term charter opportunities.
  • Expert advice to our clients on strategic asset enhancements for vessels to ensure success in long term opportunities.
  • Direct relationships with the charterers and experience in operating in diverse regions and traditionally challenging charterer Such as Nigerian Water, Brazilian Water, Mexico Water, Indian Water


  • IMCA accreditedFMEA Audits, Incident analysis and Proving Trials for DP system.
  • Modification and vessel reactivation supervision and guidance on offshore vessels to meet charterer and statutory requirement.
  • Bank consultancy :A range of completely independent financing support services. From negotiating debt and acquisition finance.
  • The valuation of assets for various purposes
  • Advise our client on long term opportunities and growth plan